Carlynn Schwalm, Teacher

Having only flirted with yoga in college, Carlynn discovered hot yoga as a means to escape the frigid temperatures while she was living in Alaska. After completing fifty classes in fifty days she knew she wanted to take her practice to the next level by becoming a teacher. Carlynn’s style as a teacher focuses on mindfulness through movement, solid foundations and alignments, and lots of flows and dynamism in an upbeat environment. She hopes that every person who comes into her class can tap into their own strength through movement and music, leaving the room feeling more refreshed and energized than when they walked through the door. Carlynn grew up in Bozeman, and though she’s lived and traveled elsewhere she hasn’t found a better place yet.


Casey Lutz, Teacher

After years of struggling with finding his purpose, place or a community that allowed him to open his heart and let it shine, Casey found yoga. Through the many limbs of yoga and meditation he discovered a love for himself and the amazing people he feels fortunate to practice with. His dedication to movement stems from a desire to create a better lifestyle for himself and the community. Casey earned his 200-Hour Vinyasa Training in Isla Mujeres, Mexico. Practitioners can expect a positive safe space in class to pour your heart out and sweat your butt off. His commitment is to remain a student of the art of yoga and blend his ever-growing knowledge of the practice with creative, passionate, and challenging vinyasa based flows.


Courtney Green, Teacher

Courtney’s interest in yoga developed first as a complement to long-distance running and downhill skiing. She sought the benefits provided by the focus on flexibility, strength, and mental discipline. After fully realizing the power of yoga as a vehicle for increased energy, mental clarity and physical challenge, she became immersed in the practice. Her style is an energetic, detoxifying flow of continuous movement, music, and breath. Courtney moved to Bozeman in 2016 with a single goal: to raise her kids in a mountain town immersed in outdoor adventure. In addition to teaching yoga, she works as a freelance photographer and art director for clients around the world. After hours, you will likely find her on a mountain, skiing, running, hiking or horseback riding with her two little kids, her yellow lab, and her camera.


Karina Helgeson, Teacher

Most first impressions of Karina are that she’s warm, bubbly and sweet. But inside the yoga room her teaching style is pretty intense with a hint of light hearted playfulness. Her mottos is yoga is for every BODY no matter your age or body type. She is adept at teaching all levels classes and encourages practitioners to explore arm balances and inversions as soon as they are ready.


Molly Miller, Teacher

Molly delved into meditation as a teenager looking to find inner peace. She didn’t practice asanas regularly until after her second child, when yoga provided meaningful relief from life’s challenges. Molly schedules her practice before anything else and encourages her students to do the same. She received her 200-hour certification from Cascade School of Yoga and was able to focus on Power Vinyasa. Now, she teaches to share her love of yoga, particularly the way the practice accepts all practitioners and brings them into community. She aims to be understanding of whatever her students bring into the room — she wants their practice to be free of judgement or comparison. Molly doesn’t want anyone to feel that they have to be “good” at yoga, but rather hopes that her students feel inspired and free to explore all that is possible in the context of a physical challenge.


Nichole Sleister, Teacher

After practicing for less than two years, Nichole knew teaching yoga was her path. Yoga helped her through a transitional period and ignited a desire to make serious changes to her lifestyle. She studied yoga philosophy, anatomy, subtle body, pranayama and asanas. She earned her 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher Certificate in Bali, Indonesia at the highly regarded Yogakoh. With the support of her husband and two young children she took a leap of faith to leave home for a month to act on her calling. It was a miraculous, life changing journey and now back in Bozeman she’s thrilled to be sharing what she learned. Nichole endeavors to help practitioners link breath and movement; blending the asana practice of the west with the traditions and philosophies of the east.


Nicole Wild, Teacher

Nicole found yoga at the age of 18, after making a list of activities she wanted to try. She was skeptical at first, but has since logged 6 years of regular practice, 700 hours of training and more than 1,500 hours of teaching. Nicole credits yoga for dramatic shifts in her mental and physical health; the practice has given her more emotion and mental clarity than she believed was possible. She believes deeply in the goodness of yoga - not just the asanas or the physical practice, but the philosophy behind it, which invites a deep understanding of human experience and connections. While Nicole really enjoys playing upside-down and sweating it out in a physically intense class, she doesn’t believe that’s where the practice ends; rather, it’s one of the many doorways in. She has immense gratitude for her students for waling the path of a yoga practice.


Jackie Page, Owner

After a thirty-year career in media and marketing, Jackie wanted to bring her business acumen to yoga because of the way it can transform hearts and minds. As the Owner of Bozeman Power Yoga she prefers a class with powerful poses that encourage strength and flexibility, and values the self-awareness and spirituality side of the practice. Jackie has practiced many yoga styles for over twenty-five years, starting in the 1990’s at It’s Yoga in San Fransisco. (Founder Larry Schultz was a student of Pattabhi Jois and developed the still-thriving “Rocket Yoga” style.) Jackie also studied Bikram, which accustomed her to the heat; Iyengar with Tony Briggs (A Master Yogi in Marin County who studied with BKS Iyengar and Geeta Iyengar); and with Sherri Baptiste (Baron’s sister), who taught a more thoughtful version of Power Yoga. Jackie frequented Jivamutki and Dharma Yoga in New York as well as YogaWorks and CorePower Yoga when traveling. After earning her Yoga Alliance Teacher Certification, Jackie continued to build her spiritual and meditation practice. After practicing too often in unsavory conditions, Jackie is committed to providing a pristine, clean, and amenities-rich space at Bozeman Power Yoga. She deeply values the physically active community here in Bozeman, and the bountiful setting of the Rocky Mountains.